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On Tuesday, the race stable requested a review of the bang-hard battle between stages and Hamilton at the Grand Prix on Sunday when the Red-Bull pilot had urged the silver arrow star next to the route. As the reason for the opposition, Mercedes named the appearance of new evidence that had not provided the racing commissioners during the World Cup run.

No examination after almost collision

Should stages be punished later, he could possibly slip back in the race classification and lose more points on Hamilton. At the Grand Prix of Brazil, Hamilton had almost at the outside at the outside of the Dutchman, but he was not able to sit down. Both pilots rest over the edge stone. The race communities listed the incident, but did not see an investigation as necessary.

Wolff: Embarrassing for the race line


Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff had criticized this shortly after the target passage. It is an absolute mess, no punishment to get for taking out, Wolff scolded the TV channel Sky. The maneuver as a race abstraction and wipe under the carpet is actually embarrassing for the race line, was Wolff.

Red-bull team boss Christian Corner said, The two fight hard, there is no contact between the two. I have no problem with it. Hamilton was still pulled by stages a little later and had won the race. In the overall standings, the Write shortened three races before the end his residue on the World Cup leaders to 14 points.