Like a tornado Borussia Mönchengladbach swept across the FC Bayern in the 2nd round of the DFB Cup, the Munich with 5-0 in the barriers and nourished the hope of a turnaround. In the Bundesliga everyday life, the foal elf lags his own expectations on the other hand. And that has reasons. The largest construction sites at Lower Rhine:

Playback s construction sites: Hardly planning security

Hardly a Bundesliga fishing for the future so much in the cloudy as Borussia Mönchengladbach. At the present time, the contracts of the service provider Denis Bavaria and Matthias Winter and the working paper of Verygestein Patrick Herrmann in the summer of 2022 end. The fact that a release-free departure threatens is simply not instructed by hand.

Added abundant top stars, which are only bound to the Russia until the summer of 2023. With Breed Embryo, Alas sane Plea, Lars Still, Jonas Hoffmann and Marcus Thu ram even almost the entire offensive of the professional artist is affected. With Christoph Kramer, Tony Jantschke, Yann Summer and Ray Bensbaini follow further conductors. In view of the as a result of the Corona Pandemic at least tense financial situation, an extremely uncomfortable situation.

Before the pandemic, the professional football had been a bit like Scholar s land, it was unbelievable a lot of money in the game. However, there was now basic fundamentally changed, Playback manager Max Ebert recently brought the new challenge in conversation with gladbachlive.DE the point. You can only spend what you have taken before. The starting situation for upcoming contract negotiations could therefore be quite better.

Playback s construction sites: charging currents instead of offensive fireworks

The Purpose 5: 0 Against FC Bayern can only imagine that Playback suffers from unexpected charging in this season.

Balanced and thus unpredictable offensive power was a great pound of the eleven of the Lower Rhine. 2021/22 You are looking for the scorer from the service so far but still in vain. Hoffmann is still in the target with four alligators, especially Still, Embryo and Plea and newcomer Hannes Wolf could not fulfill the expectations in the Bundesliga yet.

Loss in Gnabry comeback | Highlights FC Bayern vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach 0-2
13 goals in eleven games are certainly one of the main reasons for the Brussels currently not ranking, which is entitled to participate in the international business.

Playback s construction sites: a lot of effort, little yield

In order to achieve the manageable yield of so far 13 league gates, Playback had to operate a lot of effort to all overflow. 224 Torch uses mean third-highest value of the German Overhaul. A success rate of 5.8 percent, on the other hand, only survived the promoted SPV GG Reuther Fürth (5.7 percent), VFL Bochum (5.7 percent) and Armenia Bielefeld (4.1 percent).

Samples of the problem: So far, the Gladbacher got two penalties awarded, Still failed from the point. Previously, German ex-national players had just shot three out of 19 penalties.

Playback s construction sites: Dissatisfied superstars in power

Florian Bauhaus and Alas sane Plea belonged to the constants at Borussia Mönchengladbach in recent years, in the current season, the duo remains guilty of proof of his undisputed class over wide stretches.

Plan made only twelve compulsory matches twice and is becoming more and more frequent only Edeljoker, Bauhaus also found himself unfamiliar frequently on the bank. Since the 3rd match day, he did not bring a mandatory game over 90 minutes more, twice the national player was even completely outward.

The fact that the midfielder publicly wanted on the DAZN microphone more backing of the association and Pleas Advisor Stephane Courses demanded a clarifying conversation with the club leaders to the Borussia Image, the mood should not necessarily brighten.

The Cause Bauhaus is no big topic and with the consultants you can always find out in exchange anyway, Ebert played the events around the dissatisfied stars. For restlessness, the secondary-war sessions are likely to worry.

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