This is a list of Star Wars video games. Though there have actually been several hobbyist-made and also freeware games based on the Star Wars movie collection and brand name, this web page notes only the video games that have been created or published by Quasars, or officially certified by Lucasfilm.

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Eclipse of Star Wars is apparently a new goer of the Galaxies Development game in Quantico Dream, the developer best known for Detroit: Become a human and Lucia. The new rumor does not say much more about the game, but it does note that it takes place during the era of the Upper Republic, a period of 200 years when the Galactic Republic was in the height of its power. The period of time is known as a golden age for the Jedi and a time in which the expansion and exploration in the outdoor edge territories were being carried out.

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As for the rumor, it comes from the hand of an informant of the Venture Beat industry and reporter. Jeff Grubs, who revealed these details during a giant pump podcast. Unfortunately, this is all that Grubs shared about the game, from which we have been listening to rumors for a couple of months.

This year, rumors that claimed that Quantico Dream was working in an open world. Bug of galaxies game. Meanwhile, through separate rumors, we learned that a new game of High Republic was being developed. Now, it seems that these rumors have converged. That said, it is important to remember that all this still comes directly from the rumors, which means that it should be taken cautiously. While the source in question has proven to be reliable in the past, not only everything here is not official, but is also subject to change.

Eclipse SUPERLASER Star Destroyer COMPLETE Breakdown
At the time of publication, none of the parties involved has commented on any of this. We do not anticipate this change, for a variety of reasons, but if it does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, for more coverage about everything related to games, including not only the latest rumors, reports, leaks and speculation, but also the latest official news, click here.