Happy Birthday, Xbox! For 20 years to remain as a strong and steady player within the Games industry is a performance that only a few console manufacturers have reached. Well, more precisely on November 15, 2021, the Xbox brand celebrates this success. On the same date in 2001, the very first Xbox console was published in America. For the public, the story started with the Iconic Reveal of Microsoft Chief Bill Gates and Ex-Wrestler and Hollywood star Dwayne The Rock Johnson — some of you may even remember.

Matching for the big anniversary, we would like to test your knowledge about the total of five Xbox consoles and their many exclusive titles in the form of a 20-question quiz! In addition, we recommend our current Games News Podcast, in which Co-Host Mac with our two virgin stones and Xbox fans Andreas Smedley and Thomas Smedley talk about the many highlights and low points from 20 years of Xbox history. Among other things, Mac becomes the exact same quiz, which is available here for you, to the two experts. So if you always wanted to know if he is more experienced in the green game leader, as ex-podcast hosts And and Thomas, who can easily participate here while listening to our nostalgic podcast trip in the past! Stay to say: have fun with the quiz and our special podcast.

If you want more interesting articles around the topic Xbox (Buy Now), we recommend our detailed report about cloud gaming and our highly updated game test for the Xbox masterpiece Fora Horizon 5. Finally, there are also lots of nostalgia pearls in the form of retro Specials (with videos):

Fable: The Xbox prepared in retrospect
Fable 2: Albion and Lion head in top form
Jade Empire: Grandiose and almost forgot
Psychopath: crazy and fun!
Splinter Cell: We look back on the Stealth Classic

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By Mac Nae em Cheema
12.11.2021 at 16:00