One of the first announcements related to Marvel s Avengers, was a collaboration with Spider-Man, exclusive to PlayStation. After more than a year of waiting, finally confirmed that this content will be available at the end of this month.

Marvel's Avengers Game - Spider-Man DLC FULLY REVEALED! Trailer TOMORROW!

Through your official Twitter account, the developers of marvel s Avengers have confirmed that the content of Spider-Man, known as With Great Power, will be available next November 30. Next to this, the first look shared the character. This was what was commented about:

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Do you have photos of Spider-Man? How about only one, but a perfect, really epic?

Here is your first look at Spider-Man before it reaches PS4 and PS5 on November 30!

In the same way, it has been confirmed that tomorrow, November 11, we will have the first trailer of this content. Although this will surely move to more than one, Crystal Dynamics previously mentioned that this expansion will not be as great as seen with Black Panther, so it is very possible that we only see a couple of missions.

Remember, Spider-Man will arrive at MARVEL S AVENGERS on November 30. On related topics, Square Enix admits that this game was a failure. Similarly, Gael Garcia adds to the MCU.

Editor s note:

Although seeing Spider-Man within the game will surely be something entertaining for a while, if the missions are as repetitive and simple as in the base experience, then the fun will not last so long. In the same way, this will not be a large level expansion, so the content will not be so extensive either.