A lesson of football has learned Iker Bravo very quickly on Sunday in Berlin. Namely, that fame is transient. With its resolving in the 79th minute, the center out became the youngest Leverkusen Bundesliga player of all time. At the age of 16 and 298 days Iker Bravo was younger than the previous record holder Florian With (today 18).

But already seven minutes later, the Spanish U-17 international player was already going on his title again, because trainer Gerardo Sloane then sent Aidan Sertdemir to the square. And the Danish U-17 international was still a few younger than Iker Bravo on Sunday with 16 days and 276 days.

Iker Bravo - Complete Forward
Bravo, Aidan! Even if the use of the duo was born out of distress, as Leverkusen s trainer noticed, their Bundesliga debut still occupies the high assessment that both players own. Both apply in their homeland as top talents of their year. Both were for the first time for the upcoming country play period for the U-19 national teams, though they are still able to kick in the U 17.

Hard criticism for the FC Barcelona

Iker Bravo s performances for Bayer have already led to the FC Barcelona recently criticized Harsh by the Spanish media for the fact that one could not hold that in the past summer contactless talent.

Iker Bravo did not even have to play with the professionals. But an artistic fallen backdrop, with which the Spaniard in the U-19-Bundesliga game against Fortuna Düsseldorf sank the ball after a cross from the right half field with the right foot fulminant, to let the media run on the Iberian Peninsula storm. So Sports blame the responsible persons of the FC Barcelona after this feat for a serious mistake.

Fill shots are the exception

An assessment, which also existed despite the unfortunate professional debut of the attacker at the 1: 2 defeat in the DFB Cup against the KSC. Although the substitute SNIPER against the second division, a hundred percent and afterwards still a good chance, sample, but Iker Bravo is the exception.

Iker Bravo ensures furor

Already in the country break in September, the 1.82 meter large and 75 kilograms of heavy attackers in training had demonstrated his final strength, had taken like no other Bayer professional with both feet at the top right on the top right, below and vice versa. In August, he had taken care of in two test matches for Spain U 17 against France with five of the eight Spanish hits for furor.

Good degree, a playing striker, game intelligent, good technology

Most of them he scored in the sixteen, many with his head, Simon Roles orders the main working area of ​​the young Spaniard, which the sports director attests all the qualities of a complete scorer: Good degree, a playing striker, game intelligent, good technique.

Should with Patrick Schick (after border tear in the ankle) and Lucas Alaric (muscular problems in the calf) return the two top center atmosphere and international, Iker Bravo will play again for Bayer s U 19 to continue to tire. His time as a clipper in the professionals, however, may come sooner or later — and Barça may bring even more violent criticism.

I like it very much, he is highly motivated — and above all he gives gas.

Jonathan TAH

The fact that the 16-year is right is not to be expected. First, because the ambition drives him. So destiny Jonathan TAH already attested him, He likes it very much, he is highly motivated — and above all, he gives gas.

On the other to the other, Iker Bravo was humble about his league debut, thanked Via Twitter at all in the club and explained, It is an honor to make my own modest contribution. I will work hard to be ready to be ready to be ready Team to help whenever possible.

And despite the return of Schick and Alaric, Iker Bravo could quickly get into the headlines again: because his spectacular fallback against Düsseldorf was nominated by the ARD sports show for the Gate of October Monthly. If the hit is excellent as the most beautiful, at least Aidan Sertdemir can not snap the title as Bayer s s most recent scorer of the month at only 22 days ahead.