Adventure games were a staple of the gaming scene of the 90s People remember some of beloved titles Lucas arts — Fandango disaster, Monkey Island, and others, but the point and click genre is become deeper. The big con is not just a game set to the broken sword of time and Moonstruck, it also has to be part of such widespread. And while adventure games old make a comeback, the great con adds a refreshing and modern touch to the old style.

If you do not would play at the time (or if you are very young), let me make you aware of what we called the adventure game. After all, is not that all Zelda adventure? Hell, the last two hours Call of Duty campaign could also be considered as an adventure, is not it? Genres are slippery things and adventure games evoke a special feeling.

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In these games, you re usually playing a specific role. But unlike RPGs, there is no numerical statistics to follow. Instead, you are one (or more) pre-written characters. The scenes are shown from fixed camera angles, so you send your avatar to explore the environment, but you never can change the way you look at something or zoom. The main way you interact with the world through dialogue or elements collection options. Sometimes you can combine various items to create a crazy machine to solve a puzzle.

And that s all. Of course, adventure games you sometimes put in a dangerous situation, but you almost never have to worry about quick reflexes and precise. Enter The big con. As unmans adventure game of the older style, you spend most of the game watching scenes from a lateral perspective. The graphics are crisp and attractive, but do not need to use a power that you would not find on machines of the 90s and the attitude is pure 90s.

A game like this live and die according to the merits of his writing and fortunately, the great con has a fantastic writing. The characters all seem real and part is specific in time and in space. This is reinforced by the graphics and sound, which were so evocative I could sent plastic sticky buttons of the great X Men wardrobe I was playing in a room arcade 90s.

You play Ali, a pretty lame high school to go to band camp, but cool enough to run away and give up. Ali meets a crook mentor, who sends you on a journey to steal enough money to prevent the closure of the family video store. Video stores are part of the 90 that I miss, and I covet the most, so we are in business there.

You solve puzzles and navigate in dialog trees as you might expect in a game like this, but the characters you meet are as colorful as memorable. Maybe the nostalgia of the 90s made for you and maybe not, but play The great con will transport you to an era goths malls and enthusiasts flannel grunge. And you try to defraud these people, so you should really think about who they are in and their perspectives in order to defraud them of their hard-earned money.

Video games have taken many approaches of lies and deceit, and I really like the approach in the great con. You spend your time sneak to eavesdrop and even disguise yourself to learn what you can about your notes. This opens new avenues to theft. Con is the confidence abbreviation after all, and the secret is preparation, that the great con encourage you to do. Sometimes I felt like Gerald in The Witcher, meticulously researching and preparing for a battle monster. Other times, I felt like Max in the first Life is strange, unlocking the dialogue options by encouraging people to reveal too much.

Although it is not in any case of an open world play, relative freedom helps the great con avoid ludo narrative dissonance. What you do in the game always supports the story that the game tries to tell. A key element is the absence of any kind of morality system. Who you fly, how much and how do you do it, depends on you. Some people are fighting as much as your family, and you will wonder if it is just stealing the poor to give other poor people. The fact that the great con has so many shades in its history and its character is great, but the fact that it never exceeds you with this kind of thing is even better.

If you are nostalgic from the gaming scene of the 90s, the big con is a return not to be missed. But even if you may be a little younger, or you re tired of seeing you in this radical time, you may find a lot to love. This is certainly a very cool crook story, which attracts me. Funny and a little melancholy, the big con is exactly the kind of adventure game I wanted to play for decades.