FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi have gone separated paths last summer after 21 years. If it goes to Victor Font, who lost the choice to the President in March of this year against Joan Lakota, the Catalans should already think about the Argentine.

Messi would have earned it with his departure to be adopted by the front door. From that moment the club should think about how Messi can return to Barcelona in 2023, said Font s Catalan radio station rac1.

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Then the working paper of the 34-year-old runs out at Paris Saint-Germain. Messi had not yet noted the Spanish Sport that a return to his heart club one day is not excluded.

In Barcelona Messi may have meeting on his former teammates and friend Xavi, who has officially adopted the coaching office on Monday.

I ve always said that I would like to help the club where I can help to help the club well, said sixfold world footballers. In an interview with the TV station laseExta, Messi also explained that he could also imagine working in a different function for Barça.

Messi working as a sports director in the future?

I love Barcelona, ​​the city is my life, I want to work for Barça in the future, he said, I did not see myself as a coach in the future, I would rather get sport director, I can get the players who can get the players I want.

He did not know yet, whether this will be in Barcelona or not. Or if I may do something else there, Stressed Messi Sport.

Sporty Messi has remained a bit behind the expectations since its change to PSG. Due to several injuries, the attacker has so far only on eight missions. While there is no goal in his account in the league, he held in the Champions League at least three times for the French.

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