India 22 will start the Season 2 tomorrow in Fut. This also affects the FUT Champions Play-Offs — especially when your degree is in the middle of it.

When will the Season 2 start in Ultimate Team? The new Season 2 in Fut starts on Thursday, November 11th, at 09:00 in the morning. Until then, you still have time to collect victories for milestone rewards or to curl XP for season progress. But: You should also have an eye on your FUT Champions Play-offs.


This is important for the play-offs: How the developers declared in a short video for Season 2, progress is reset to the current FUT Champions Play-Offs as soon as the new Season starts. Wonderful it means:

If you are in an incomplete play-off when Season 1 ends, your progress is reset to 0 matches played. You stay in the play-offs, but you have to restart and repeat all your games.
If you are now in the FUT Champions Play-Offs or plan to start before the end of the season of one, but want to make sure you get all the rewards you deserve until this point: place sure you all games Before the end of Season 1 closes or use the option to quit your play-offs prematurely so that you can claim all rewards that you have earned up to that time.

Joel Newman (Via FIFA Direct Communication / Twitter).

What does that mean for players in the FUT Champions Play-Offs?

You have to note: Let s say you want to register for the upcoming weekend League, have already collected 4 victories in the play-offs and is just before the qualification.

In the case, you should urgently collect the other points that you need for the qualification at the latest until about 08:50 in the morning on Thursday. Otherwise, your collected victories are free.

Everything after 09:00 on Thursday is too late.

On the other hand: If you can already refrain that your already started FUT Champions Play-offs will not be enough to get into the Weekend League, it can be worthwhile to see the Season Start. Then you should be reset to 0 and can try it again.

If you still want to start a Play-off round today, which you have not yet encouraged: consider it exactly if you find the time to complete all the necessary games until the start of Season 2. Otherwise, it could be more worthwhile to start with the reset tomorrow.

Overall, the Weekend League qualification with Season 2 becomes harder. You can learn more here.