In the bargain month November you can currently save Premium sim neatly. Here you get 10 GB data volume + Flat for up-to-date unbeatable 8.99 euros per month. The offer is only until tomorrow morning at 11 o clock.

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10 GB Data Volume + Flat: So good is the offer

According to price comparison sites, the deal is currently the Best on the market. The next better offer is from mobile phone contract.DE. There is the mobile phone contract with 10 GB data volume + Flat 9.99 Euro MTL. There you will also get a SMS-Flat, while at Premium sim only a telephone flat is there. However, this is enough for the vast majority of people.

For other offers you pay monthly at least again two euros more. You decide for a minimum contract period of 24 months, your does not pay a connection price. Would you like the option of monthly termination Keep open, a unique fee of 19.99 euros is due.

Premium sim uses the fast and stable network of Telefonica. On request, you can take your current phone number free of charge to the new provider take.

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To the provider

Premium sim belongs to the renowned drill group. This is a reputable provider, where you do not have to be afraid of hidden costs or similar problems.

Now 10 GB Data Volume + Flat for 8.99 Euro MTL. To back up

The larger alternative: 20 GB data volume + flat for 17.99 euros per month

If the 10 GB data volume is not enough, Premiums will also find it. You get 20 GB data volume with telephone and SMS flat for cheap 17.99 euros a month.

The conditions are the same as the first offer. If necessary, you can go for 19.99 euros monthly cancellation option and the phone number is free.

Here go to the offer at Premium sim

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