Hello and welcome to the newest entry in our many years of Games of the Week series. If you are looking for the 5 best games that are available in the iPhone, iPad or Android store this week, you have landed in the right place exactly at the right time.

Here we discuss the five best games that have been released on one of the above devices in the last week. But, but wait one minute! I hear you call you: Every week there is a lot of games, you have to have some restrictions!

You are right, we do. With this article we do not take into account the numerous subscription services (Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass, GameClub, Hatch, Playond, etc.), which were introduced on mobile platforms, and do not consider things like Steam Link or Google Stadiums, which stream the stream on our Allow handheld devices. This means that our list is a finely curated list of brilliant, fresh title, which you can download and play without subscribing to or installing a third party initiative. Of course there are some great games for these services, but we focus on the things you can buy.

This week we have some fantastic new titles, we have an adrenaline-rich high-speed racer, there is a far-reaching ARPG with evolving struggles and a strategy game that completely changes enemy trains with impressive results.

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1 Grid Autosport – iOS / Android (new)

If I lie down and think about the best racing series of recent years, I come back to Grid again and again. The original has released my love for racing games again, and the same was also the same for many other people. It was one of the first games for a long time, which decided to tighten the genre simulation and arcade, while others were busy to head over both directions.

Grid Autosport finally made it on Android after being released at iOS at the end of November. It looks just as stunning as always and offers a list of over a hundred cars and racetracks that you can spend your time.


Grid Autosport is now under [Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FeralinterActive.Gridas] and in [App Store – https://apps.apple.com/ ] available. GB / App / Grid Autosport / ID1179421849].

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