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Czech the new trailer of Elden Ring

Not everything was Gameplay. Enjoy the new and epic Elden Ring trailer here. Although the progress is something short, it is a good commercial for the game.

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Elden Ring - Official Pre-Order Trailer
As already known, today a presentation was held focused on revealing more details about the gameplay of Elden Ring, the next work of fromSoftware. Together with all the information that was shared, a new trailer was also released. Although this advance is quite short, with a duration less than a minute, The trailer leaves clear once again the type of adventure full of action that awaits us next year. In the same way, the progress works as a Small recapitulation of some of the elements that were shown in the presentation. Elden Ring will arrive at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC next February 25, 2022. On related topics, you can check the presentation with Gameplay of today here. Similarly, these are the collection editions of the game. Via: Bandai Namc

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