One of the greatest problems of PS4 and PS5 is your CMOS battery. This component makes it possible for the internal clock of the consoles to work correctly. However, this product is a time pump, and when this element stops working, will be almost impossible to access any game without an Internet connection. Fortunately, a solution has been found.

Although a fan has long been able to find a solution to this problem in PS4, The inconvenience persisted in PS5, but this has changed. Through its YouTube channel, the user known as Hikikomori Media shared a video where it offers a way to enjoy the games in the new Sony console once the CMOS battery stops working in approximately 10 years.

Hikikomori Media performed the following process in firmware 21.01. What he did was remove the battery and disconnecting the PS5 from the network. In this way, it has proven that games that did not work well, are already installed normally. However, there are still a couple of problems with the titles linked to PlayStation Plus, since it is essential to have a connection to PSN.

Because the CMOS battery is directly connected to the motherboard and affects the internal clock, Most games could not work without an Internet connection and the PlayStation Network. The problem is that these servers will not be available forever. Fortunately, there is a solution, although it is not official, it is something that seems to eventually we will all have to do.

On related topics, Sony wants to sell more than 22 million ps5 in five months. In the same way, these are the total sales of these consoles currently.

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Editor s note:

It is a shame that basically all Sony consoles of the moment have an internal pump. Fortunately, it seems that the process to solve this problem is not so complicated. Now we only have to see if someone continues to play on PS4 or PS5 within 10 years.