Go way to start November. SEGA and Microsoft have announced a new collaboration focused on the development of new generation video games. This strategic alliance will allow the Japanese company to produce large-scale titles in an environment centered on Azure, the platform in the cloud of the American firm that continues to facilitate technologies.

This union has been made public through an official statement where more aspects of it are detailed. In the text is talked about the initiative, which bears the name of Super Game and points to Global Games and large-scale production. In fact, specifically refer to terms such as Global, Online or Community to define the project, which can not give very specific details.

With the world now more connected than ever and widespread implementation during these years of 5G and cloud services, consumers can easily enjoy high quality entertainment content at any time, says the statement. The ecosystem surrounding the videogame industry continues to evolve and expand as new tools and more sophisticated technologies are located.

This alliance represents Sega looking towards the future official statement of SEGA For all these reasons, videogames continue to grow as a central medium for players worldwide, with access to a wide catalog of game experiences and communities each More diverse, he continues. This alliance represents Sega looking towards the future, working with Microsoft to read these trends as they are accelerating in the future, with the objective of optimizing development processes and continue offering high quality experiences Players using Azure Cloud Technology.

The collaboration will seek build new technological evolutions having as a priority the network infrastructure and the communication tools necessary for global online services. In addition, they mention that SEGA can adapt effectively to different work styles, as well as possible futures infrastructure changes.

We want to use the development capabilities of SEGA and the Microsoft Yukio Sugino statement technology, President of Sega Corporation We seek to advance even more in the development of our games so that fans around the world can enjoy From our titles, has declared Yukio Sugino, President of Sega Corporation. In this sense, we want to build an alliance that makes use of the powerful development capabilities of Microsoft s avant-garde.

As we have already mentioned, no project has been discussed in mind or games in preparation for the future. The collaboration and central axis have simply been announced, but it has been constantly using a very ambitious language, unusual in a sega that has suffered the effects of the pandemic in their recreational halls in Japan.

Microsoft and SEGA Join Forces in a new Alliance! Azure Cloud is the Future!

Microsoft, on the other hand, is in a better way with its new generation machines: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Despite the scarcity of components, sales are being a success worldwide and the company aims to strengthen its Stock of consoles facing Christmas and some of their most important releases of the year.