Eve Online is a multiplayer Internet RPG (MMORPG) of the Icelandic programmers of CCP Gamings. The room trip simulation sees itself in the tradition of the gaming classic Elite as well as has its focus on trade as well as battle in area.

may cause games and at the same time something big. Wants but actually each, right? The developers vonEVE online have now given their players the chance and let them do their part to contribute to fight against Covid. We conclude from MeinMMO.

What happened in EVE Online? In the MMORPG EVE Online since June 2020 runs the so-called Project Discovery, which now enters its third phase. Here, players can log in and then analyze blood samples in a kind of Min-game.

The project was initiated by the Swiss company massively multiplayer online science to life, the work to combine video games with the science. The developers behind EVE Online declared themselves willing to participate as long as it fits thematically into their game.

Scientific director of the project is Dr. Andrea Cossarizza, professor of immunology at the University of Caille. He was animated for Project Discovery and therefore welcomes the pilots in the game when they enter the project and explained to them what it is.

Furthermore, the McGill University in Quebec and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy involved in the project.

mini-games against Covid-19

How does Project Discovery? EVE players are known for their passion, their commitment and will to reinzudenken in more complex systems. Exactly exploits Project Discovery clever and integrates the mini-game, which reached its menu on the DNS button once the tutorial is complete.

Then her blood samples analyzed by COVID-19 patients and must thereby find certain patterns that just do not fit into the picture. It always get as many players have the same blood sample submitted, in order to achieve a better overall result.

The scientists behind Dr. Cossarizza want to find out with what consequences a Covid disease on the immune system has exactly one man. Project Discovery addition helps to train an artificial intelligence to order these more complete analysis tasks in the future.

have until today, by its own account, around 426,000 players at the mini-game competition and thus 1,800,000 analysis tasks completed. A remarkable result.

What the players have it? Anyone who participates in Project Discovery, receives an exclusive Biosecurity skin for his clothes and his character. There is no more time being, but more is needed as well.

The mini-game takes many participants who are delighted with the new mechanics in EVE and participate because they enjoy it. While still doing something good and to get a skin, incentive is therefore enough for many players.

Plex for a good cause

What are Plex? Plex is in EVE Online, the currency that you can buy with real money, but also can sell the game. It thus forms the bridge between Free2Play players and those who spend money for EVE.

Plex can be used also to his account on the Omega Klonstatus raise. A kind of optional subscription system which gives you advantages. So plex can be directly converted into real money.

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What s Plex for a good cause? In parallel with Project Discovery ran the action Plex for a good cause. Here EVE players could donate their Plex, which then went directly to the WHO and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Secruity.

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During this event the EVE community whole dollar 135.550 could muster, all in donated Plex, without consideration. The already showed that the players help and want to get involved. Project Discovery came primarily on popularity within the community.

What do you think of the action? Do you play EVE Online, and have participated in Project Discovery? Do you find that more games should start such actions? Or do you think all this rather nonsensical? Write us in the comments here at Meinmmo.

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