[Eye News 24 Moon Young-Soo] The Gesta Organizing Committee (Chairman Kang Shin-cheol, the Organization Committee), from 10:00 am on November 3, the official website of the Gimaara (November 18 to 21, 10 am to 6:00 pm to 6:00 pm ) Proceed with ticket booking.

It is a plan to maintain the application of 4-step protrusions, which will be held in the government and the WITH Corona system, regardless of the WITH Corona system in the government and dismantic authorities.

Nov. 1, 2021 - Private and Local bills Committee Proceedings
All attempt tickets are dictionary-booked and limited to a monthly sales quantity of 6 per day. In addition, it is divided into 10 o clock (3,500 pieces) and 13 o clock (2,500 pieces), and 1 person is available for the date. As a result, the sale can be earlyed when the sale of all tickets is completed before 6 pm on sale.

In addition, in the case of adults (only 18 years of age) among the general protests, only the vaccination completion (14 days) (14 days or more) or the PCR voice identifier (character certification) within 3 days of visiting is observed. This is a description of the despite the protection of the minor prior to the vaccination, but the protection of the minor prior to the vaccination is determined by the rule of the vaccination.

For fans who are not in advance or are difficult to visit, we will conduct live broadcasts for 5 days from November 17 to 21 through the Gesta TV channels opened on the field-centered online broadcasting on the site of Africa TV and Twitter TV. In particular, we plan to collaborate with participants to disappoint the main events and presentations on the field booth and the promise of fans who can not be visited by vividly broadcasting.

In addition, the pre-recording content of the participants, the booth tour in the Gusta, and the new sports tournament using the field stage, and the E-Sports Competition, and the Jupa 2021 Game Cosplay Awards (participating until November 11). The second week of the second week of November is scheduled to be released.

Meanwhile, the Gusta TV channel is operated on African TV, twitch, and YouTube on October 29th. At 7pm on October 29, the pre-promotional program, the Street Together Gestar (S. B. Geji) is the first published, and the total 6th and Friday are uploaded every Tuesday and Friday every Sunday.