The Gusta Organizing Committee will start ticket booking on the Gima official website from 10 am to 10 am on November 3.

Gesta 2021 is a policy that lowers the field congested by limiting the daily position to prevent the 19th spread of Corona 19. As a result, the ticket can be selected by date / time, and purchases it by time, and at least 10 am (3,500 sheets) and 1 pm (2,500 pm) are allocated. Booking is available for one person by date, and sales finish is 6 nights on the 16th. If all the tickets are all sold, they can be early.

In addition, adults (only 18 years of age) among the general participationors (only 18 years of age) can only be observed within 3 days of the vaccination (14 days) or the Visiting date. Then youth do not have to be vaccinated and inspected, but it is a courtroom, such as a parent, such as a parent in the ticket booking.

And for the fans that are not pre-booked or for the difficult fans, we broadcast on November 17 (Wednesday) to November 17 (Wednesday, November 17) through the Gusta TV Channel opened on Twitter TV channels. Major events and presentations on the field booth are conforming to the participation company.

In addition, participating companies have been working on pre-recording content, and booth tours that operate directly in JaSta. Second in November, it is released among weeks.

Meanwhile, the Gusta TV channel is operated on African TV, twitch, and YouTube on October 29th. At 7 pm on October 29, the pre-promotional program Street Together Gesta (S. Biji) is released, and a total of six weeks and Friday will be released every Tuesday and Friday every Tuesday.