Imagine Dragons is a group of American rock pop, from Las Vegas, Nevada. Imagine Dragons is trained in 2008 while singer Dan Reynolds is at Brigham Young University. The group has a total of 5 albums.

Riot Games has resurrected one of the most held collaborations by the community of League of Legends throughout the history of the title. On the occasion of the release of Arcane, the animated series inspired by the game universe, the creators have returned to the musical group Imagine Dragons to create what will be one of the most important songs of the Show When you are released in Netflix from next November 7.

Thus sounds around Imagine Dragons to League of Legends

Imagine Dragons was the pioneering group in the creation of songs for the League of Legends world championships and many players still consider Warriors, the theme released in 2014, as the best one has ever had the World Cup. A very anticipated return that now realized by the hand of the JID artist to create a song that will accompany us along the emission of Arcane and who has received the title of Enemy.

You can listen to it below:

Imagine Dragons & JID - Enemy (from the series Arcane League of Legends) | Official Music Video
With a possible cameo in the animate series advanced along this particular video clip that shows us a few unpublished scenes of Arcane, the song brings us closer to VI and Jinx s growth in the suburbs of Zaun City. A complicated life in which the personalities of both are developed and the clashes that we would later see in the game begin to develop.

To know everything about Arcane we will have to wait until November 7, when the animated series of League of Legends at Netflix is ​​finally released. Riot Games prepares an event over high with new Skins for League of Legends inspired by the series and the promise that the wait for more than a decade until finally premieres the first great visual work of the game will be worthwhile. At the moment, we can assure you that the song is up to.