Far Cry 6 is one of the most important releases of the last quarter of the year. The open world of Ubisoft puts us in the skin of Dani Rojas to lead Yara s revolution of Yugo de Antón Castillo, the villain played by Giancarlo exposito. While the character is already fearsome in itself (more if we imagine it on PS1), he now continues to pursue players through emails.

And is that some users have begun to receive Ubisoft emails to encourage them to play again Far Cry 6. Has indicated it on Redes Brendan Sinclair, from Gamesindustry, which shows a message where the president mocks A few hours of play and urges us not to leave the title.

It s been fun to see you fail, begins the mail, which has Disappointment as a matter of it. Hello, Rojas, I want to thank you for full control over Yara. Take it easy and have for sure that Yara is in good hands, he continues, then put up in a capital letter a message that Surely you can do better

Division of opinions

The initiative, although it is original, has bothered some people this initiative, although it is curious and original, it has bothered some people by the fact that a company tells you directly that you are doing something wrong to take few hours of play in your work. Some have come to the point of using the term harassment to describe it, but Sinclair himself has encouraged normalize that players can leave their departure half if this is not entertaining enough.

The sixth numbered delivery of the saga has had some problems unrelated to the operation of the game during their first weeks. A smaller example is the controversy over roosters, but there have been more serious conflicts related to erroneous copies that have been sold for PS4 in Europe. However, the title fulfills what is promising the saga in recent years, although, if you want to deepen your strengths and not so positive, you can go through our Far Cry 6 analysis.

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