Electronic art is a type of art that utilizes electronic media. A lot more generally, it describes technology and/or electronic media. It belongs to details art, brand-new media art, video clip art, digital art, interactive art, internet art, and also electronic songs. It is taken into consideration an outgrowth of conceptual art and systems art.

A few days ago the rumor of which Electronic Arts was considering changing the name of FIFA games. At the time, it was not mentioned what other name could adopt for this football franchise, but a new record has given us our possible response. According to information discovered by VGC, EA recently recorded the name of EA SPORTS FC in the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union. You can see you same below. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that EA Sports FC is going to be the new name of the saga, however, it does not sound as bad either. Editor s note: Honestly, it would not make much sense to make a name change for such a recognized franchise as it is FIFA, however, if it is true, this new name could work well among the Fans. For now there is no more to wait to see what happens. VIA: EUIPO