Those who want to spend a lot of time in Yara, the tropical paradise of Far Cry 6 , fighting against the forces of the order of Anton Castillo, will meet a lot of secrets and chuladas for finding, like usb with songs or an easter Egg that you will only discover … If you know Morse.

Vehicles are a fundamental part of an open world game in which to make goat like far cry 6. There are cars, yes, but there are also aerial vehicles as military helicopters, but the most cool way to fly over the island of Yara The Angelito FW Turbo … A flying car!

How to get the angel FW Turbo at Far Cry 6, the flying car

Getting the Angelito FW Turbo at Far Cry 6 is very easy, and the only requirement is to have advanced in history enough to unlock the guerrilla camps .

Once you have the camps, you must buy the second improvement, which costs 60 units of metal and 60 gasoline (you can buy the improvement in any). This second improvement will allow vehicles to appear in the camps.

Anton Castillo Reacts To Death Of His Family And Army Leaders - FAR CRY 6 PS5 2021

Now all you have to do is buy a concrete camp: Set , in Valle de Oro, in the Barrial area.

When you go to this camp, and if you have the second improvement, you will find the little angel in the camp. Here you can scan it from the mobile to be able to call it at any time from the vehicle call points.

The little angel is controlled like any other car, but when you reach a maximum speed, you can fly by pressing the Y Triangle. If you want to stop flying, press it again (when you are close to the ground if you do not want to paste it). It also has a launcher!

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