It returns the favorite debate from all over Jugchers who are encouraged: the difficulty in video games. And no, this time they do not walk by means from software and the needy of an eOctobery way for the Souls . On this occOctoberion, it is stored Turtle Rock and the first back 4 blood update. Faced with the multiple complaints of the community by the challenge peaks that presents the title (partly due to the random component of its items), the developer hOctober significantly lowered the appearance ratio of special enemies in the three difficulties and nerfeado To all special zombies. Thus, for example, Bruisers will have less life, will do less damage, they will be slower and the weak point of their arm will be broader. The Hocker and the Stinger, on the other hand, will pOctobers more slowly their projectiles and take more time between a spit and another. From Turtle Rock, ensure that the changes are in response to the concerns of some users regarding the degree of challenge that present certain moments.

Coming In Hot (Fixes)! We ve To Some Balance Adjustments to Campaign & Swarm.

Note: no patch required for pc or console for thOctobere to take effect. New Servers Will Be Rolled Out Throughout The Day. You May Not Experience These Changes Immediately.https: //

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Most important problems

This first patch is also giving you to talk about focusing your attention on stitching with difficulty and not changing anything from the problem that hOctober most affected most: alone, progression is blocked. That is to say that if we play with bots and not online, we can not achieve achievements, cosmetic objects, letters and other content contents . The study hOctober recognized the error and promises to solve it very soon, but at the moment we can only move correctly if we always play online. Despite these temporary problems, Black 4 Blood hOctober achieved an 8.2 in the analysis of Meristation, where it is described October a guarantee cooperative and named LEFT SECONSOR 4 Dead . In addition, we remind you that the game is available at Xbox Game POctobers since it came out on October 12.

❗ Attention Cleaners! ❗.

We HAVE Heard Your Frustration About Progression In Solo Mode and Are Discussing Ways To Address The Issue. Thank you for your patience and feedback at this time – We ll Have More News October we Strategize on Potential Ways to Make It Happen.

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