Un store est un dispositif mobile destiné à protéger une fenêtre. Ce type de couvre-fenêtre se manœuvre à la main ou grâce à un mécanisme, de haut en bas ou horizontalement.
La fonction du store est différente suivant sa position par rapport à la fenêtre : à l intérieur, il est destiné à apprivoiser la lumière et couper la vue depuis l extérieur, tandis que le store placé à l extérieur a pour fonction première de se protéger du soleil.

Sony has added a new feature to the PlayStation Store. The new feature in the PS Store was according to Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, part of a small server-side update. So there is now the category New Games for the PlayStation 5. There you will find all the new PS5 games that have been fresh for the console.

You can find the category in the News area on the home page. There you can also activate a filter, for example, to display only full price titles or specific editions. Previously, it was clearly cumbersome to search for the PlayStation 5 (Buy Now 624.90 €). This actually worked about a targeted search query or lengthy browsing in the individual categories.

Especially indie developers have already complained several times about this visibility problem in the PlayStation Store, as smaller titles disappeared quickly in the sinking and thus finding only laboriously. Thanks to the new feature, this situation should be able to improve at least something. What is your new feature in the PlayStation Store? Was it allowing for finally time to introduce such a category and thus improve the search for new publication? Or is it very satisfied with the previous construction in principle very satisfied? Write us in the comments!

From André left
18.10.2021 at 10:46