Movistar Riders You have managed to qualify for the next Major DeCounter-Strike: Global Offensive . After years of tireless struggle, one last victory against Copenhaguen Flames has been final to confirm the presence of the Spanish group in Stockholm. Historical landmark of the riders that have become the first team in the history of CS: GO NATIONAL in achieving a square for the most important event of the Tactical Shooter of Valve.

A miracle for movistar riders make history

The classification of Movistar Riders to the next major of Stockholm will go to the history of the Competitive of Counter-Strike as one of the most unlikely ever achieved. The Spanish set has only participated in the last event corresponding to the qualifying circuit for this edition of the competition. A Iem Fall that they arrived with a quintet almost brand new formed completely by Spanish players.

However, what seemed like a step back from the organization to think about the long term has ended by giving immediate results . They exceeded as second a phase of groups in which there were not too many hopes and that opened the doors to sleep. Since then they had three opportunities: a first deated in which they were very close to winning NIP after which a second confrontation arrived in which they no longer forgiven.

By defeating Copenhagen Flames by two maps at zero with an extraordinarily tense vertigo and a spectacular ancient, there has not been to wait for the third confrontation to celebrate the achievement of the riders. Historical feat of a Movistar Riders that after replacing the core formed by Steel , SMOOYA and Shokz with three members of Extinct Iberian Family has achieved what no Spanish set had achieved in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive .

Five names to accompany Mixwel and Lowel

In a Spanish scene overflowed after the withdrawal of mixwel and lowel of the competitive counter-strike, five players will have the honor of accompanying these two legends as the only Spaniards who have played a major. Special merit for MOPOZ and Alex . Both have been wearing the Movistar Riders t-shirt for years (arrived in 2017 and 2018 respectively) without desisting on a road marked more for disappointments than joys.

Nor is it less special for those who have helped that the team of the definitive step. DEATHZZ , SUNPAYUS and DAV1G have catapulted the club to the best performance of the Spanish Counter-Strike following the path that before they marked players like SOKER , Eastor , LARSEN, already mentioned Mixwel and Lowel legends or the players who were recently replaced. A tireless path that moved away from a straight line, but that after three years of work has rewarded all those who once put the club s shirt. Included of course Blade , in charge of carrying the reins of the team.

Movistar Riders still can improve your situation in the best of Stockholm. Depending on the results of the EIM Fall that it is still disputing already if they get or not finish in the fifth posts can improve their status and classify themselves as aspirants, which could bring more simple crosses in the first phase of the great tournament International Counter-Strike.

The new members of this Hall of Fame of Spaniards in El Major are …

Alejandro Fernández-Complain Cano, MOPOZ
Alejandro Masanet Candela, Alex
Raúl Jordán Nieto, Deathzz

Desempate Movistar Riders vs SINNERS vs Heroic | IEM Fall 2021 EU  | Fase de grupos
Alvaro Garcia, Sunpayus
David Granada Bermudo, DAV1G
Galder Barcena, Blade (coach)