Rico Nasty - Time Flies [Official Audio]

Time flies when you have fun. September 2021 has passed, officially bringing us to the fourth quarter of 2021 with October 2021. With a number of huge titles en route, we are sure to find something for everyone.

With the team at the origin of their Winter Sports Title Steep, Ubisoft again enters the world of sport with Riders Republic. By focusing on the five main activities of mountain bike, skiing, snowboarding, the flight to Wingsuit and the Rocket Wingsuit, Riders Republic seeks to create a multiplayer experience like no other. We are all favorable to innovation and unique experiences, and Riders Republic could be one of them.

Originally a development game in the mid-2000s, Metroid Dread finally arrives on Nintendo Switch. Metroid Dread is a return from the franchise to the point of view of the lateral scrolling, which will surely appeal to the fans of classic titles. We look forward to resuming Samus Aran, because we hope that Metroid Dread will be up to the media threshing.