Secure Digital, officially abbreviated as SD, is a proprietary non-volatile memory card format established by the SD Association (SDA) for usage in mobile devices.
The requirement was presented in August 1999 by joint efforts in between SanDisk, Panasonic (Matsushita) as well as Toshiba as a renovation over MultiMediaCards (MMCs), and also has actually become the market standard. The 3 companies created SD-3C, LLC, a business that accredits and also enforces intellectual building rights related to SD memory cards and also SD host and secondary products.The business additionally created the SD Association (SDA), a charitable company, in January 2000 to promote and produce SD Card criteria. SDA today has around 1,000 member firms. The SDA makes use of several trademarked logos had as well as accredited by SD-3C to enforce conformity with its requirements and guarantee individuals of compatibility.

In the new media market brochure you just get the good for the switch Sandisk Ultra microSD memory card with 128 GB for only 11 euros.

The current brochure of MediaMarkt offers a wealth of offers from a wide variety of areas such as 4K TVs, laptops, smartphones and gaming. A highlight for those who need more memory for their Nintendo Switch is the SanDisk Ultra microSD memory card that you get in size 128 GB for 11 euros. According to comparison platforms, MediaMarkt is currently with a distance of the cheapest providers. For example, Amazon requires 18.74 euros for the same model.

SanDisk Ultra microSD memory card 128 GB for 11 euros at media market

However, shipping price will be made from 2.99 euros to order if you can not order the card into a market in your proximity and be picked up there. Even with shipping costs Mediamarkt would still be the cheapest. If it is not sold out before, the offer is still valid until 29 September, as well as all other deals from the MediaMarkt prospectus. The overview of all offers of the prospectus can be found here:

To the offers of the MediaMarkt prospectus

Why is the SanDisk Ultra Memory Card suitable for the switch?

The SanDisk Ultra in the White Version is a Speed ​​Class 10 microSD card and the UHS Speed ​​Class U1 with a maximum read speed of 100 MB / s. This is well suited for the Nintendo Switch, which only needs a read speed of 60 MB / s. Their write speed is rather low, but hardly does something in use in the switch. For recording 4K videos, the SanDisk Ultra, however, is not suitable, but you need a map of UHS Speed ​​Class U3.

With 128 GB of memory, the card in the offer is not exactly huge. Since switch games are usually not very big, but still have a whole series of elaborate titles. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is only about 15 GB in size and the recently published Diablo 2: Resurrected beats with about 30 GB to beech. From smaller indie titles, you should be able to accommodate at least a few dozen on the microSD.

SanDisk Ultra microSD memory card 128 GB for 11 euros

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