Pokémon House, elegant Pokémon HOUSE, is both a free mobile application and also a Nintendo Switch over video game established by ILCA as well as published by The Pokémon Firm, component of the Pokémon collection, released in February 2020. Its major use is providing cloud-based storage space for Pokémon. Various other usages involve being a substitute for the Global Trading System (GTS) that was omitted from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, as well as the capacity to transfer Pokémon from the previous storage space system, Pokémon Financial institution for the Nintendo 3DS, in addition to Pokémon Go.

The game based on history Kena: Bridge of Spirits is almost there, but Ember Lab has some last minute ads to do before the day of the launch – and he makes these ads in the form of a new trailer . PS5 owners will be able to access multiple exclusive features, including more than 200 game help videos and full support for PlayStation activities.

PS5 owners will also have the opportunity to play in loyalty mode, which gives priority to the cinematographic experience, or in performance mode, which gives priority to the gameplay. Fidelity mode is locked at an IPS image frequency with a native 4K resolution, while the default performance mode of the 60-IPS target PS5 and an improved 4K resolution, allowing you to choose how you want to view your film. Pixar playable.

PC players may be happy to hear that Kena: Bridge of Spirits supports DirectX 12. However, all players will be able to get your hand on the photo mode of the game, which will allow you to pause action for Stage the characters. You can also dress the adorable Kena rot companions with optional hats, if you wish. And let s admit it, we all want to see the root wearing small hats and smile at the camera.

We are very happy to share the cheese! Function in photo mode, shared Hunter Schmidt, Animation Director of Ember Lab. When players have defined their perfect photo angle, they will have the opportunity to ask the characters from the photo to say Cheese! And take the pose. Many characters have several poses, so you can take a wide variety of fun photos in the same place. I am very impatient to see what types of photos the players will capture!

While the release date of Kena: Bridge of Spirits gets closer, we have more and more reasons to wait with impatience the launch of the game. Hoping that the game is up to the expectations of the players.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be launched on September 21, 2021 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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