If Efootball 2022 will register this year in the line of free-to-play , with free access and content staggered over the weeks, it is nevertheless possible to go to the cashier by reserving one of the premium editions Player Pack on different virtual blinds, like Steam or PlayStation Store. If necessary, it will cost € 39.99 to football fans to get their hands on different bonuses and virtual credits, which will not all be effective from the official launch of the game on September 30.

If the basic game download is obviously free, Konami is obviously counting on the support of football enthusiasts who would like to benefit from a few accelerators. This is particularly the case for lucky agreements that will allow a chance to unlock one of the 16 players of partner clubs and other ambassadors, including Lionel Messi and Neymar, to integrate them into the Creative Team mode that allows for Constitute his own dream team. Two additional chances at the draw – because nothing is guaranteed – will be added to those who will go through the pre-order box between September 16th and November 10th.

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The activation of these lucky agreements will not be possible before the deadline of November 11, and the publisher specifies that these same bonuses expire on April 30, 2022. It is also at the same date that the Update introducing the creative lite mode. Also appointment several weeks after the launch for all that concerns virtual credits, efootball parts, with 2,800 pieces allocated from November 18th. In other words, and as the publisher had already stipulated at the moment of the announcement, the game will continue to expand all the planes at the rate of the seasons, including side gameplay , and will not benefit from all the features As soon as it is imminent deployment.

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