One should mean that popular Sci-Fi like Alien, Predator and Terminator offer the perfect template for great games. Instead, we have been showered with a lot of ram since the 1980s, with a few some exceptions.

Fortunately, recently, representatives such as Terminator: Resistance and the Fantastic Alien: Isolation of entertaining solo entertainment, only for multi-player enthusiasts, it looked in all the years Mau. Some games with multiplayer content are still on the index today, Predator: Hunting Grounds is Magere Diet and Alien: Colonial Marines We prefer to lay a cloth of silence. Lastly, there are only fan patches of coarsest mistakes, but continues to suffer from bustless Ki companions in the fight against irritant aliens.

With Aliens: Fireteam (Buy Now 39,49 €) Elite from the California Developer Team Cold Iron Studios consists of a bright spot, because that sets the focus on third-person action with ferene aliens, which each of you and two comrades through four campaigns with each Three action-packed missions want to the leather.

Keep the ass jaws together and make you work!

We write the year 2202, about 23 years after the events in Alien 3. As a latest marine access, you are dealing here your service on the spaceship called USS Endeavor on the way to planet LV-895. Have you created your soldiers and rather styled, you will find themselves in the hangar of said vehicle. The game does not offer first-person mode. Everything is running in third-person perspective, but plays supple and there is never a lack of overview. Source: PC Games

You can recreate your exterior at any time and chooses, incidentally, whether you are a shooter (soldier), destroyer (area damage), technician (support) and Doc (healer) better. After completing the campaign, the scout (Sniper) is adopted as a reward. Each of these three specializations provides an ability to familiarize you better, because in higher levels of difficulty, planning and the skillful use of the respective talent is needed – later more. By the way, not every class can use any weapon. As a DOC, for example, to the famous M41A rifle of Aliens, while the destroyer even heats the slimy opponents with a flame thrower variant of the SmartGun. Of course, this affects the fame of each class.

The USS Endeavor also serves as a lobby and hub for equipping and accepting missions. In the absence of intermediate sequences, contacting NPCs in Small Talk about the events to the story, as well as already played and upcoming missions.

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The Hangar on the USS Endeavor serves as a lobby and hub, for equipping and accepting missions, as well as talks with NPCs.
(1) [Source: PC Games]

TWD: Saints & Sinners - Mastering ALL the Weapons!
Smokes you!

Speaking of shooting iron, of which there are just under 40 pieces, provided with individual damages and three extension slots for among other mouths, magazine extensions and destinations. The essays will be unlikely to be free in numerous game runs after the missions, she finds in hidden boxes or buys them at the designated dealer. By the way – as well as the boxes – new emotes, skins, colors and stickers for your weapons and purely optical armor are ready, of course only against hard credits and a special currency.

Of course, firepower is not everything that you need for survival in the part of hectic cars. For further free circuits, in addition to weapons, you also increase every class separately through acquired experience points. Classes are still available here many so-called benefits that improve their skills. They may only set them out of the missions and should think the compilation well through, because the intended slots are limited.
The story is largely told only by talking with NPCs. Much also gets you in radio traffic in missions. Source: PC Games Before each mission, you have the choice between the beginning of three difficulty levels. Two more activates you only after completing the campaigns. With optionally usable challenge card, you make the mission history even more interesting, but most difficult. The cards not only offer advantages like more credits and experience per degree, but often influence starting values, a malus like damage over time and worse.

I m synthetic, but I m not stupid …

Loners soon realize that a real game fun is unfolded only with human Navy colleagues. Although the first two levels of difficulty of campaigns with two computer companions are relatively easy to master. From the third stage, however, it quickly becomes clear that, among other things, Friendly Fire and more damage through opponents of human colleagues make indispensable. This tells her at the latest if the artificial companions again arbitrarily throw grenades, or fire blindly into the crowd. In addition, they pipes on the use of any additional capabilities and you can not give them any orders. Namely, certain sections require urgent planning, such as the erection of guns and mines. Fair, you will receive the note from the game, when you waive synthetic better. This is important because the higher levels of difficulty are hard to cope with real players at first.
Weapon effects, as here the flamewrooter, are not only impressive, but in a hectic situation in the hectic situation quickly turns your point of view. Source: PC Games

Maybe I can get out of this horrorstory?

Graphically not groundbreaking, but quite appealing, it is varied and atmospherically through a refinery as well as on the surface and later inside the planet LV-895. To look around and admire, there is no time, because countless alien hordes are permanently glowing your runs. From the first second, it goes violently to the point, time for breaching there is hardly any. Of the 20 opponent types, consisting of aliens and androids, 11 are provided with common skills through which they explode for example in acid bubbles, jump, spit, circulate or maritime. Unfortunately, missions are always similar. Almost always you shoot you to an event area, pushes buttons or seeks objects and defends this section. This is repeated until the main and secondary tasks are completed. Only the last mission varies here to the end, but we do not want to betray you too much. Each class has two weapons slots, as well as room for additional capabilities, advantages (skills) and two consumables. Source: PC Games

While the developer promises that the opponents could overlap you, they use the walls and blankets at attacks, come from the ambush and from the side, but in most cases they simply storm in masses on you. Thanks to a motion tracker in the interface, you always keep track of the overview. Striking: If your missions inevitably play more often, you soon find that you will be constantly appearing at the same starting points.
As soon as you have brought all the campaigns behind you, in the freshly unlocked Horde mode against endless waves of Aliens is also violent.

How often should I repeat you the same story?

When all the weapons, benefits and optical delicacies names your own, numerous play lessons. Twelve missions on approx. 25 minutes of playing time sounds a lot, but the flee through the same process quickly on the motivation. At most the adjustable levels of difficulty for the personal challenge motivate for a long time. Aliens: Fireteam Elite also makes the impression that more content could be replenished easily, such as further Ingame bonuses, new game modes and even campaigns. Of course, this is only wishful thinking on our part. Until then, we may hold the daily and weekly challenges in your mood.
Incidentally, we looked at the PC version for the test. Owners of an Xbox One, PlayStation 4/5, as well as Xbox Series X / S also have been through the Hive since 24th August. CrossSplay is only supported in the respective microcosm of the systems, only Xbox players with each other and owners of Sony products go only into action.

My opinion

Christian Zamora
[email protected]

The well-funious Coop / Horde shooter in the Aliens universe with a lot of potential upwards.

Fortunately, it is not a new aliens: Colonial Marines! The sound effects are authentic – especially the recognizable weapons sounds. There is stopless action and plenty of material to improve and find. Nevertheless, an AHA effect will occur for me sometime. I had a lot of fun testing, just like sexual intercourse, it is unfortunately usually boring. And because I have to play the same missions again and again, which also resemble in the process, for me soon the air was out. A PVP mode in which players take over the role of Aliens (Left4dead greetings!) Would be awesome. Modes like Infestation, Survivor and the Predator License, as in an indexed title of Sega, would still enhance the game with long-term motivation. Until then, the 40 € is still an acceptable price for a few hours of Coop fun in the Aliens Universe. From Christian Zamora editor 15.09.2021 at 17:02