Update: The first official trailer for Matrix: Resurrections is here now! According to the enigmatic teaser videos prepared for the release of the large trailer, there are now deeper insights into the hot expected continuation of the matrix series with Keanu Reeves:

On the 23rd of December it is so far in Germany, then we can see the sci-fi action fireworks on the big screen.

Original: On Matrix 4 many fans are already waiting for eternity, because the release of the SCIFI sequel was repeated again and again. But now there are finally handproof and worthy sign of life (set-photos we do not accept anymore!): The creators of Matrix 4 have the website WhatistHematrix.com again puzzled. Twenty years ago, the first matrix film was one of the first cinema stripes, which led to a website with his doctorate. The local information made a real mystery before the release from the film . Is this done with the promotion for Matrix 4 too? Convince yourself! Because there are two teaser trailers waiting for you – in 180,000 variants.

goes to the website usatistthematrix.com
Click on one of two pills to see a teaser trailer tailored to you.
The red pill means recognizing the matrix as false – accordingly, the narrator talks about how you can break through the illusion if you are fighting for it.
But chooses The Blue Pill , you continue to give you the deception of the matrix. The narrator is then another and explains that your problems have to distinguish reality and fiction.

Each time you click on the pills, you can see other excerpts from Matrix 4. The trailer is that the trailer knows exactly what time is just in your time zone. This ensures the absolute We live in a computer simulation Feeling. In a teaser to Matrix 4, we see a character for a short moment, which looks like NEO, only with significantly expanded implants with which one can switch to the matrix. Source: Village Roadshow Pictures In the teaser scenes, there are many moments that represent a tribute to the original – Be it the pills, the liquid mirror, the glitch cat, a fight in the dojo or a melt-mouthful mouth. On Thursday, the 9th of September, there will be a first full-fledged trailer to Matrix 4, which should show even more new scenes.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Matrix 4 comes to the German cinemas on December 21st. Will you watch him? Or do you need a continuation after the trilogy around the fight against the machines?

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