Counter-Strike English At last you can enjoy one of your national representatives in a first level face-to-face tournament. Movistar Riders has managed to overcome several qualifying stages and finally dispute the next iem fail , a European regional tournament that will be played as of September 29 and will serve as the last chance for teams to certify their place In the next major. A task that, yes, depends on the points harvested throughout the regional circuit and the riders will have particularly complicated.

The new quintet gets his first great goal

Movistar Riders reached the classifying circuit of the EIM Fall with a new quintet. Saying goodbye to the still remembered SMOOYA, Steel and Shokz; The organization returned to bet on a group of Spanish players to try to settle as the reference of the national scene. The promise was to improve the results of the Extinct Iberian Family. They stayed at the gates of giving the first joy in their first tournaments and things did not just go well in ESEA Premier, but When he touched they have managed to be up to height .

In the next IEM Fall they will share a scenario with another 23 teams from the first steps of the European elite of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Most of them have obtained their classification thanks to their score in the regional rankings and are part of the best in the continent. It is the case of heroic, G2 astralis or ninjas in pajamas. Others arrived with a more humble role and the obligation to fight for a large Machada that serves them to go to the next great tournament.

Unlike the last large tournaments, this time the team will depart directly from the group stage, so that they will have a certain margin of error and will not be at the mercy of a bad crossing in their early stages. An immense face-to-face tournament reminiscent of some of the Lanes of CS: Go prior to the pandemic era and allows all classified to dream of reaching the next major that, predictably, will take place in the city of Stockholm.

In terms of reaching the next great championship, the riders start from a complicated position . Movistar Riders has not been a regular European qualifying circuit since the season change and will have to start from scratch to achieve their place in El Major. It points to impossible challenge, and everything will depend on being able to go from groups and there are stumbling in large Europeans.

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