Ultra-wideband (UWB, ultra wideband, ultra-wide band and ultraband) is a radio innovation that can utilize an extremely reduced power level for short-range, high-bandwidth interactions over a large section of the radio spectrum. UWB has typical applications in non-cooperative radar imaging. Latest applications target sensing unit data collection, precision situating and tracking applications. UWB support began to appear in premium mobile phones c. 2019.

Have you been looking forward to playing Diablo 2: RESURRECTED in real ultrawide (21: 9)? Then you give in for a disappointment. It will not give real support because the game can not handle it. Blizzard explained the problem.

What does Blizzard for Ultra Wide support? In a new blog post Blizzard talks about the support of the Ultra Wide monitors. This supported the game in the technical alpha. However, the developers true to problems.

Because the monsters can not deal with the broad monitors, the Genuine ultrawide (21: 9) does not include a part of the release version of Diablo 2: Resurrected. There is an almost so great scaling as an alternative.

The opponents are the problem with ultrawide setups

This is the problem: If you play with an ultrawide monitor in the format 21: 9 a game that does not support the ultrawide format, it annoys. Then there are clearly visible black edges on the monitor. An area where the game is not displayed.

How that looks in the game shows a screenshot of reddit user Kaelelos. In the community, the user asked for one of the last tests if the ultrawide support would be missing. It would bother him enormously to play with these black edges at the edge.

So Blizzard went to: In the technical alpha one supported the ultrawide function in the format 21: 9 still. That worked without black edges and showed a large playing surface. In the Beta format was then on 19: scaled down. 9 For players that in the beta already a reason for criticism was.

It will not be better first, because according to Blizzard, this is the widest scaling that works. Everything Wider destroys the game.

For example, the Ki could not recognize the player and no attacks trigger. In addition, players could with 21: 9 monitors draw much more monsters to battle, whose range exceeded the originally intended scope of the game. In a scenario, in which player (for example with a ranged class) monster attacks, players with 21: 9 monitors could make their enemies with the additional screen area, but the monsters were not grilled or reacted, but could still be defeated. Ultimately, the Ki does not register if it is made from the additional distance, which offers a 21: 9 monitor.

This is not intended, especially if it’s a game with a 16: 9 tells users. In order to create the integrity of the gaming experience to protect and equal conditions for all players with Ultra Wide monitors can their game screen 19: 9 expand (the maximum length of the boundary zones in the game) with a vignette on the sides of the game screen.

We are aware that the players a lot of money for their 21: spent 9 hardware and the sight of black bar can be frustrating for them. Therefore, we will continue to pursue these discussions and examine possible solutions that do not change how the game is played.


With the 19: 9 solution Blizzard plans to offer a compromise to the players, in which you can still use a lot of the surface of Ultra Wide monitor without a broken tactic release. After killing monsters outside the actual field of view, without taking their aggro, is very overpowered.

So you could deliberately hold bosses in the 21: 9 area of ​​the screen and attack it permanently without notice that you are present as a player.

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Plays her self with Ultra Wide Monitor and be affected by this change? How do you like the 19: 9 compromise from Blizzard? Is this something with which you get along or wish ye, that should adapt quickly, so you can make full use of your monitor? Write us here on Meinmmo in the comments.