Next Thursday, the Great Playstation Showcase will take place and new games of the internal PlayStation Studios will be shown. At a game, it could be the superhero epic of infamous, which may return. Believing at least some fans now thanks to a hint.

A new infamous could be announced this week

On Twitter, the Account @ Onion00048 has posted a domain information for the official website of Infamous. On this one can be seen that the website was last updated on June 29, 2021. What is changed exactly is not visible.

Link to Twitter content

Known Leaker manifests itself : The Tweet is an answer to a supposed leak of insider Shpeshal Nick. But that does not even make too much hopes. Although he says that Infamous might appear in the PlayStation Showcase, there is simultaneously considering that he could not verify this information with his sources.

When will the PlayStation Showcase take place? Sony will enter the digital stage on this Thursday, 9th September, at 22 o’clock German time. As part of the show, new PS5 games and updates should be shown to announced Third Party and First Party Studios matches. More information read here:

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What is infamous?

It’s about it : In the Infamous series, developed by Sucker Punch (Ghost of Tsushima, Sly Cooper), some people are equipped with super forces. But since not everyone uses this gift for good purposes, the so-called conduits will violate society. In each part there is a karma system, which allows you to direct the course of history into a good or a nasty direction.

What could be shown? Most of the most interesting for most could be a full-fledged sequel, which again represents a new character to Infamous: Second Son in focus. Remaster / remakes The first two PS3 offshoots are also possible. On the other hand, a PS5 version of Second Son is less imaginable because the game is already benefiting from the power of the console and is running in 60 fps.

What would you look like about? A new infamous or a remaster of the old PS3 parts?