After the technically as playfully disappointing launch on the PlayStation 4, the gloomy science fiction shooter Terminator: Resistance was released in a revised version for the PlayStation 5.

As part of a current analysis, the question has gone for the reason why technically as graphically done in the context of Terminator: Resistance Enhanced. First, it falls on that the resolution was screwed upwards on the PlayStation 5. If the gloomy shooter adventure on the PlayStation 4 was still displayed in 1600 × 900 pixels, 5,620P are reached on the PlayStation.

Short loading times, optimized effects and more

Another improvement concerns the loading times, which thanks to the fast SSD of the PlayStation 5 only a few seconds. On the PlayStation 4, the loading times were still on more than a minute. As can be seen from the technical analysis, the textures were also revised on the PlayStation 5 and provided with additional effects.

on the subject : Terminator Resistance Enhanced: The first 20 minutes in gameplay video

The scenes that made on the PlayStation 4 with their missing shadows for an unsightly overall picture include in the PlayStation 5 version of Terminator: Resistance of the past. Finally, the reflections and graphic details were optimized on the new generation Sony’s console.

Both on the PS4 and the PS5 a representation in 60 images has been targeted the seconds. However, this value is achieved regularly on Sony’s new console. Further impressions and details about the graphical differences between the PS4 and PS5 version of Terminator: Resistance can be found in the following video.

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