Horizon Forbidden West is an approaching activity parlor game created by Guerrilla Gamings and also released by Sony Interactive Amusement. It is readied to be released on 18 February 2022 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A sequel to Horizon Absolutely no Dawn (2017 ), it includes an open globe in a post-apocalyptic western United States.

The next Thursday, September 9, a new PlayStation Showcase will be held, which will offer us a look at the next games of the company. While titles that will have some kind of presence in this event are still unknown, David Jaffe, creator of the Sagagod of War, says the presentation will fly the head.

Recently, Jaffe, who has been away from PlayStation for several years, issued a series of comments, where he points out that the fans of the company’s exclusive will not be disappointed with the event this week . This was what he commented on a YouTube channel:

I’m not going to tell you what’s going to be there, and I do not know everything, but I know a handful of things and you will not be disappointed if you are looking for the traditional exclusives of PlayStation.

That will be there with great success and I am very excited to see the response of the people. I have not even seen what I am talking about, but I am very proud and excited by all [Sony people].

People speculate that God of War Ragnarök, or as they call him, he will be there. I’m not saying it’s or not … I do not know anything about that. However, what I will tell you is that I am listening, of people who know, that this game lasts 40 hours. They point to 40 hours of play.

After these comments, Jaffe published the following Tweet:

I just found out about a new game of [PlayStation] you are doing, I have no idea when it will be announced (maybe next week, maybe not) but I know when it will, people will go crazy ! Impressive!!!

Here’s Useless Tweet But if I do not say Say Something I Will Explode !!!

Just found out about a new aleeystation game they are making-no idea what it get unveiled (Maybe Next Week, Maybe Not) But Just Know When it Does, People Are Gonna Lose Their Fucking Minds! Bad Ass !!!

  • David Scott Jaffe (@davidscottjaffe) September 4, 2021

At the moment there is no additional information. However, the comments that the creator of God of War shared are preparing the public for an event that is positioned to be awesome. After the delay of Horizon Forbidden West to 2022, the PS5 has been left without a great exclusive by the end of the year, so in this presentation we could see the game that takes this place.

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On related topics, PlayStation is retracted, and Horizon Forbidden West will have a free PS4 to PS5 update. Similarly, to update the next company games you will have to pay $ 10 dollars.

Via: VGC.