Truth is stranger as fiction and 2019 was proof of this.

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Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077

CD Project Red has some pretty big expectations of cyberpunk 2077, but none of us really knew what to expect at the E3 2019. The developer was present, but what could possibly present it? The answer was Keanu Reeves, who appeared at the end of a new cinema trailer at Microsoft. But that was not enough – REEVES itself would show up on stage and in response to a fan to the meanwhile famous you’re BreathTaking! – line lead.

PlayStation Music Video plagiarizes animations

PlayStation has released a music video that contains all its largest coming games for the coming months next to some animated snippets. Some people, however, noticed that the animation was literally copied image for image from other plants such as Steven Universe: The Movie and Flc. The trailer has since been removed from Playstation Japan’s Canal, but was still not in the left field.

Stellaris Mobile Game Cribs Halo Art

Paradox Interactive surprised his fans with the announcement of Stellaris Galaxy Command. The mobile version of the successful great space strategy pushed on mocking … and quickly became another case of obvious plagiarism when halo artworks were discovered in the game. Paradox has brought the game quickly from the shops and there is no update when it could return.

Majoras mask dream

The legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask was first released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000 for the first time in 2000 and has a pretty committed community for quick-run (similar to other Zelda games). Interestingly, when experimenting with an error found that players can penetrate into a test room that contains ladders, block puzzles and more. It is limited to Japanese copies of the game, but it is crazy to believe that such a territory existed all the time and was only discovered now.

Not half-life 3 confirmed

Had someone ever thought that a new half-life title would appear, even one who was not half-life 3? How about it if it would be exclusive to VR and would help the firewatch developer Campo Santo? While Half-Life: Alyx’s concerns about the question arise as to whether the consumers are rising in the VR Combi or not, Valve Index was quickly sold out until Christmas (the owners received the game for free). Most important is perhaps the fact that the game is published pretty soon – in March 2020.

Fallout 76 Collector’s Edition Helmet Included Form

Another chapter in the Fallout 76 debacle was written as Gamestop issued callbacks for the Collector’s Edition Power Armor Helmet due to the high mold level. This could mean respiratory infections, especially for persons with weakened immune system, damaged lungs or an allergy against mold, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Although the incident was limited to the exclusive red Gamestop helmet, there was unwanted that only 32 of the 20,000 produced helmets were actually sold.

Metal Gear Solid: Video game or US intelligence project?

Despite all the wild theories that have many of us for Metal Gear Solid 5: the phantom pain and chapter 3, nothing can surpass the assertion of the Russian Deputy Defense Minister Andrei Kartolov, the series is the work of US intelligence. At a parliamentary round table discussion, Kartolov said, this is an example of projects aimed at promoting the active protest activity and the dissatisfaction of young people with the country’s authorities. How would Death Beaching be classified?

Nintendo Switch and Joy-con Drift

Anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch may probably like him, but will also admit that he is not perfect. Joy-Con-Drift was, for example, a problem that has been reported by several consumers since the start. Sure, were there only a few individual cases? Actually No – Nintendo started at the beginning of the year to instruct customer support teams to repair the faulty Joy-CONS for free. But the problem was the problem that also concerned the most recent switch Lite that a collection claim with 18 climbers was pending. Nintendo has not recognized the problem immediately, but those who are confronted with problems encouraged to contact them.

Pierre Takis arrest due to drugs

Sega’s verdict was published in December 2018 for Japan and seemed to be on the way to his publication in the West. There was only one problem: The synchronizer Pierre Taki was arrested in March 2019 after he had admitted drug use. Sales for the game were discontinued in Japan and Sega apologized, although ultimately it would replace Taki’s name and image for the Western publication. Surprisingly, this was not the first time that a Yakuza spokesman was replaced due to drug detentions, as actor Hiroki Narimiya from Yakuza 4 came from the same reason.

People head goes down, reforms under Bethesda

Before the loot of Arcane studios should become a reality, the developer Human Head Studios worked on the official continuation of Prey 2. It would eventually be annulled under rumors of the sabotage from the IP owner Bethesda. Human Head developed Rune 2, but was shut down only one day after the start of the game. It turned out that Bethesda’s studio was commissioned by founding the Roundhouse Studios. Ragnarok, editor of Rune 2, did not see himself grown and sued the former Human Head Studios, because they refused to provide Rune 2 code and assets as they were not communicable and unavailable weeks before the start. Curio and curiosity indeed.

Silent Hill in real life

Calm in peace, P.T. and Silent Hills. While the latter may have been able to change the franchise for better, it seems that the developer team had some interesting ideas how to scare fans. Apparently, the game would send e-mails and messages written from the perspective of game characters, even if they did not play. For such functions a waiver would have to be signed, as they go into the real life. Whether these ideas could appear later or not, maybe in a future title of Kojima Productions, remains to be seen.

Super Smash Bros. Creator works with IV Drip

Japan is known for his work ermal, but the inventor of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, brought things to a ridiculous new level. At one point during development, the man suffered from symptoms due to food poisoning. Instead of sitting in a hospital, Sakurai announced at the beginning of this year that he had accessed an infusion and just went as normal to work. Given the controversy about the crisis in the development, Sakurais prompted statement the fans, clearly to say that they should just go hospital, damn again.

Sonic The Hedgehog’s Film Design

Nobody really expected that the Sonic The Hedgehog movie would look good, but many were still shocked about how terrible Sonic’s design was. Even the creator Yuji Naka commented on how strangely the most popular – or once most popular – Igel looked. In an unexpected step, the film was delayed to redesign Sonic, where his new look has recently been revealed and much more praise has received. The movie is still awful, but what can you do?

Half-Life 2 NPCs can flash again

Before Valve Half-Life: Alyx announced for Valve Index, it has released his first patch for Half-Life 2. What has changed? Fixed a bug that prevented the flashing of NPCs. You are now able to heal the worst case of potentially dry eyes in video games. So that they do not believe this was a troll, portal 2 has also received an update with some essential corrections and functions.