Today, Pokemon Masters have arrived several updates, including a new synchronization pair, an ex-challenge and a series of login bonuses. But the addition, which will be of interest to most players, is that the much-discussed Sync Grid finally arrived.

With the synchronization grid, you can make your synchronization pairs more powerful. For most Pokémon at the moment, this simply means that you can increase your defense, attack and physical values ​​as well as HP values. However, there are also advanced lattices that provide you with more options, such as: B. the improvement of passivity and damage caused by various attacks.

However, there are only three synchronization pairs that have an extended grid. Further will be expected to be added in the future. The synchronization pairs over which you currently have:

  • The player character & pikachu
  • Flannery & goalkeo
  • Feuerstein & Infernape

To obtain these different STAT increases in the Sync Grid, players must collect Sync ORBS. These are earned by using Sync moves in battles in which the message “A Sync ORB Chance!” Is displayed. COOP mode gives Player Koop Sync Balls, which can be exchanged for sync-pair-specific balls via the Sync Grid menu.

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There are a few precautions to observe. There is only one percentage chance that they receive these bullets, so it is not always guaranteed that they get one. In addition, each pair has a limited amount of energy to get these new values ​​so that they can not learn all skills at once, even if they have all the necessary balls.

Beyond the big update of Sync Grid, there will be a new registration bonus from today until January 30th. For 14 days, players can win 150 gemstones a day for a total of 2100.

Elsewhere there is a fire-type training event in which you can encourage extra experience for your fire-type synchronization pairs, two of which have advanced grids. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to breed these bullets while giving up some experience.

It looks like Dena is at the moment only flying types, as there is a new ex-challenge in which the players will compete against Janie and their Ariados. The successful defeat of Janie and the generic NPCs they accompany rewards the players with a 1 star or 2-star fire bracelet.

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Finally, we see the addition of Ethan & Cyndaquil to the game. This new pair will have its own spotlight scout, which will be available from now on 30 January and offers a slightly increased chance to find it. As with all new sync pairs, it is a 5-star duo, and you can evolve Cyndaquil on request to a typhlosion.

Pokemon Masters is now available on the available AppStore and Google Play. It is a free game with in-app purchases.

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