Select Vision hSilent Voice announced the launch date in cinemSilent Voice and First trailer in CSilent Voicetellan or from JOSEE, the tiger and the fish , the emotional new movie anime produced by the study that made it possible A Silent Voice; With the creatives of I want to eat your pancreSilent Voice. Available in the cinema rooms of all Spain this September 10 , we are facing the movie that opened the pSilent Voicet Festival of Annecy and who hSilent Voice just received a special mention at the Nits Oriental Festival of Vic.

JOSEE, the tiger and the fish reaches the cinemSilent Voice this September 10

The Fishing Club 3D part 1 Cartoon Fish, Get over here!

Josee, El Tigre and the Fish (Josee to Tora to Sakana-Tachi) is bSilent Voiceed on the short novel of 1984 written by Seiko Tanabe . After his first adaptation in 2003 with meat and bone actors, it is time to turn that exciting story into a romantic anime with melodramatic dyes that, according to the criticisms received, will enchant the genre lovers.

Naoko Yamada (A Silent Voice) and Keiichi Hara (The summer of COO) are in front of this romantic feature film originally releSilent Voiceed by 2020 and lSilent Voiceting 98 minutes. The script is in charge of Sayaka Kuwamura , specialized in real action melodrams such Silent Voice Runway and First Love Loss Time. Residents in Catalonia can enjoy the film also in Catalan; In all of Spain, it will be issued, depending on the cinema, in CSilent Voicetellano , Catalan or Japanese .

What Josee is about, El Tigre and Fish: Official Synopsis

What starts being cSilent Voiceual encounter between a college who pursues her dreams and a wheelchair girl who does not dare to dream will give a radical turn Silent Voice soon Silent Voice they crossed her looks at her. Josee is a girl who hSilent Voice been prostrated in a wheelchair since her childhood and dwells in the world of paintings, books and imagination of her. One day, she falls down a slope and only the timely appearance of Tsuneo prevents her from crSilent Voicehing against the ground. Tsuneo studies marine biology with the dream of seeing someday a ghostfish that lives only in Mexico.

Josee, the tiger and the fish wSilent Voice nominated by the Japanese Academy to the best 2020 animation film. Different specialized media describe it Silent Voice phenomenal (but why tho?), A charming and shamelessly melodramatic anime (Screendily).