In the PlayStation Store there is now PS plus cheap on offer: For a month you pay only one euro. The deal is only available for those who have no active subscription yet. Whether your PlayStation Plus has already subscribed to earlier, on the other hand, it does not seem to be. The offer runs for a week and ends on September 9th. Here you find it:

PS plus: 1 month for 1 € in the PlayStation Store

If you stop the subscription now, you will get both the games for August (Plants vs. Zombies: Battle of Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2 and Hunter’s Arena: Legends) as well as the new September games officially announced the day before yesterday will be available from 7 September. These are Overcoooked: All You Can Eat (PS5), Hitman 2 (PS4, PS5) and Predator: Hunting Grounds (PS4, PS5).

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Finally a good PS plus month: Many fans are looking forward to the September-lineup


What PlayStation Plus has else to offer, we have briefly summarized here:

What does PlayStation Plus offer?

1. Online multiplayer

PS plus you need primarily for the online multiplayer. There are only a few PlayStation games that you can play online without the subscription, most of them free-2-play titles. For all other games, your PS plus is limited to the singleplayer or local multiplayermatches.

2 . Every month free games

With the subscription of PS Plus you get at least two PS4 games every month. Since the release of the PS5, there is usually even a PS5 title on top. You can play the games for free as long as your subscription applies. If you interrupt the subscription and renew later, you also have the old titles available again. At the moment you get, as already said, the August games Plants vs. Zombies: Battle of Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2 and Hunter’s Arena: Legends. From September 7, there are Overcoooked: All You Can Eat (PS5), Hitman 2 and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

3 . Exclusive discounts

PS-Plus members often get a few percent additional discount on certain games at Sales in the PlayStation Store and can make much cheap bargains. There are also sales again and again, in which you get with PS plus generally the double discount.

Monster Hunter: World - Before You Buy

4 . Share Play

PS Plus you can use Share Play. So you can play with friends as if you are in the same room. This means that you can even put the control in SinglePlayer games, even if the other person does not possess the game concerned. You will learn more about Sony’s Share-Play Info page.

5 . Cloud Saves

If you want your scales to be permanently safe, no matter what happens to your PS4 or PS5, you can save them with PlayStation Plus in the cloud. As a result, you can continue to continue your game anytime from another console. 100 GB of storage space are available.

PS plus: 1 month for 1 € in the PlayStation Store

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