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Paralympics Annika Zeyen brings gold in time trial

Annika Zeyen has won the fourth German gold medal at the Paralympics in Tokyo nine years after their triumph in the wheelchair baseball – but this time in cycling.

The cross-sectional bonnerin won on Tuesday the time trial on the former Formula 1 route at the foot of the Fuji and had about 32: 46.97 minutes about a three-quarters minute lead. In two different sports gold, is incredible. You can not top it, said the 36-year-old, who completed international handbike races only two years: That was really a good moment to win my first time. She did not expect it either. And I also had the whole race over not the feeling that it ran overly well. Even in the goal, she thought, that I am second at best. When it became clear that she won, Zeyen pushed out a pace of joy.

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