On Yara, we can not only make the merciless dictator Anton Castillo alone, but also as Duo’s life. The missions in Far Cry 6 are designed extra on co-op and proved to be very entertaining in our allusion session, if not perfect.

Far Cry 6 iron out a few co-op wrinkles

Already in previous Far Cry-sharing we were able to play together in the coop. Far Cry 6 builds on Far Cry 5 and offers us the same fame at the core.

This means, among other things, that we can only enter the cooop from a certain point, Friendly Fire is disabled and us mutual through markings and healing support.

The set screws where Ubisoft has turned especially to counteract the disadvantages of the accedued players. So at all, so whether host or guest, the resources, equipment and experience points in your own world are transferred.

Besides, both get the same rewards donated. While this can also cause us to be something too powerful for the single player, but that should be defused by opponents who adapt to our level.

Other important facts about the coop in Far Cry 6 are also:

  • CrossSplay only within a platform: Only cross gene is supported, so PS4 with PS5 and Xbox One with Xbox Series X / s. PlayStation and Xbox and PC do not work with each other.
  • Cross-save without restriction: We can always transfer our score to all supported platforms if we want to change for the co-op.
  • PS Plus / Xbox Live Gold necessary: ​​ To play online Far Cry 6, we need active membership at PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold.
  • Matchmaking: If just no friend or girlfriend is available via Ubisoft Connect, we can rely on a public matchmaking.


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  • Far Cry 6: Remaster of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is part of the Season Pass

The big sticking point is back at the story

A criticism, but also Far Cry 6 has fallen again and confirmed by Ubisoft: Even if we take a lot from the coop with in our singleplayer, the story progress is still stored exclusively at the host.

So we can experience the game completely in the co-op, but not without previously free between host and guest. Thus, at the end of one still has the look.

Release and platforms: Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7, 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Google Stadia and the PC. We have summarized our first impression of a demo in a gameplay preview for you.

offers coop mode in Far Cry 6 enough to make insecure in the Duo Yara, or are the unilateral story progress too much?