From Powera there is a new controller for the Nintendo Switch and you can buy this from now on Amazon. It is the Powera Spectra Enhanced Controller. What this costs and what matters him, we explain to you in this article.

So much the controller costs: For the Spectra Enhanced you have to pay 39.99 euros.

Buy Powera Spectra Enhanced for 39.99 euros

That’s the Powera Spectra Enhanced

Expected to you: The Powera is a wired controller for the Nintendo Switch and can be seen as an alternative to the Pro Controller. The cable can be removed and is three meters long. In the controller itself, the manufacturer sets a soft-touch surface that should provide a better grip.

Especially it makes him design with LED lighting. Overall, you can choose from eight colors and allow the Spectra Enhanced to enlighten them. LED effects such as Breathing and Rainbow Phase can be set.

Furthermore, the improved Spectra controller on the back has two programmable buttons for advanced game functions. The analog sticks should be precisely matched and have rings against the abrasion. In addition, a 3.5mm audio jack is installed on the controller. Otherwise, all buttons and functions known from the normal switch controllers await you.

The controller is loaded via the USB cable and has a built-in battery so that no batteries are needed.

Buy Powera Spectra Enhanced for 39.99 euros

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