The return of the Skate Saga will occur with a new development study, but with some of the main managers of the original video games. The development within full circle is still in its initial stages , although little by little unpublished details are being uncovered. Through the Official Twitter account of the game, developers have shared a video in which they confirm that they also prepare a PC version.

pc_confirmation.exe , comment. In the clip, we can see a person performing all kinds of pirouettes and tricks on the Skateboard table. At the end of the video, just 11 seconds long, the Skater reaches some obstacles, among which is an old computer, which looks at the Skate logo on the screen. After a pair of jumps, the sequence concludes.


  • Skate. (@Skatea) August 26, 2021

Study under construction

Ldevelopmentt January, when EA announced that they had mounted a new development study to design Skate, they opened new job opportunities and said the following: Our goal is to have fun and create great games that people want to play with his friends. We are looking for more developers to help us build solid worlds for players to explore them.

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The resurrection of Skate will be carried out with the original creators, which will return to work development main designers. It is Dean Chung and Cuz Parry, two developers who showed their enthusidevelopmentm so the future holds. We are very happy to go back to work in Skate, they recognized. In those same statements they added also that a complete circle hdevelopment been completed, metaphor of the name of the study itself.

Beyond that it will be launched on PC, Full Circle hdevelopment not yet detailed the rest of the platforms in which the light will see. At the moment, the team is focused on development. We are working on it.