The core of is expected to play the truth (?) Tangled in the cigarette.

Ubi Soft has released a trailer with the story of through GameSecom 2021 today (26th). is a surprisely published title through Ubi Soft Live last year, and Anthony Gonzales, who played the famous Giea Carlo Soposo in the US drama braking bad, I have a sticky.

This video is as a ‘story trailer’, and it is focusing on the stories and figures to solve rather than the system or structure of the game or structure. In fact, the trailer flows around the dictator Anton Casti and his son Di Eco Cast, and the Dani Rohas, against this.

First, Anton Casti appears as a ‘Relentious Dictator’, as already known.

He leads to the virtual tropical national Yara Yara, and he will continue to inherit his beliefs, such as hunt the beast to Diego Casti, and to inform the way to kill the captive. I am to foster my son as president. On the other hand, Diego Castik exposes a variety of emotions for his father throughout the trailer. If you eman the eyes of fear, you can see that you are hesitating to the instruction of his father.

The relationship between citizens and cigarettes is also a notable factor. Although the trailer can not grasp the detailed circumstances, the citizens of Yara seem to be able to grow cigarettes to local specialties and continue to live.

In particular, as the citizens who suffered from the cigarette in the cigarette field, the expression of slave (Slave), Park Rai 6, Far Cigarette Bullfight and ‘Warehouse Destruction’ is likely to appear. high. In addition, users are expected to carry out the basis for the argument of Anton Castido, which can be fixed with cigarettes, and a number of quests that can deserve the basis for the claims of Anton Casti.

is released on October 7, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, and supports Korean.