In Elden Ring, as a player, you will cross different regions, including a flooded city and swamps, while you will fight against Riesge Dragons and Hawks. To give you a small impression of it, four brand new screenshots have now been published:

In addition, there are some new details for the game:

  • You can place marks on the map when you go to places.
  • You will meet on the left and castles, but can also suddenly be attacked by a dragon.
  • The areas rang, in addition to the already known forests and snow-covered levels, from a marsh-filled region to a flooded city.
  • The players can summon help, be it in the form of other players or KI spirits.
  • It seems that in addition to the discovery of spirits in the world some defeated enemies can later be summoned as an ally.
  • Multiple ways lead to the game, also Schleich- and Jump Passages.
  • Numerous enemies can be switched off directly on or downlisted.
  • Bloodborne known combat mechanics like jumping are available.
  • Some critical damage fight movements are performed similar to death for death in Sekiro.
  • Lights are used as a means of fast journey.
  • Melina helps learn new skills and rising.

Elden Ring appears on January 21, 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC.