The Sinking City

Elden Ring Different regions on brand new screenshots and more

Now look at four different regions in Elden Ring on brand new screenshots. There are new details about the game!

In Elden Ring, as a player, you will cross different regions, including a flooded city and swamps, while you will fight against Riesge Dragons and Hawks. To give you a small impression of it, four brand new screenshots have now been published:

In addition, there are some new details for the game:

  • You can place marks on the map when you go to places.
  • You will meet on the left and castles, but can also suddenly be attacked by a dragon.
  • The areas rang, in addition to the already known forests and snow-covered levels, from a marsh-filled region to a flooded city.
  • The players can summon help, be it in the form of other players or KI spirits.
  • It seems that in addition to the discovery of spirits in the world some defeated enemies can later be summoned as an ally.
  • Multiple ways lead to the game, also Schleich- and Jump Passages.
  • Numerous enemies can be switched off directly on or downlisted.
  • Bloodborne known combat mechanics like jumping are available.
  • Some critical damage fight movements are performed similar to death for death in Sekiro.
  • Lights are used as a means of fast journey.
  • Melina helps learn new skills and rising.

Elden Ring appears on January 21, 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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